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 Last Update: 25 Feb 06

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for the source for this model.

he purpose of this web site is to provide the boat modeler information on the Model Slipway Wyeforce.  The Model Slipway kit of the Wyeforce has been produced to a scale of 1:24 (½in to 1ft) and contains nearly 600 individual parts.  Model Slipway feels that this is a fairly simple model for the average modeler, and I agree. 
  I was given this kit in May 05 from an I
nternet Tug Enthusiast.  He originally   purchased the kit approximately 5 years ago and had not touched it.  I had built Model Slipway kits before and knew the quality of their kits.  This gave me the opportunity not only to build another, but fully document it on this website. 

Model Specifications:

Twin screw & Kort nozzles
Scale 1:24
Length: 32.8"
Beam: 11.4" 
Displacement: 22 lbs

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I will provide the boat modeler an in-depth review of this kit.  During the construction of this kit, I will outline some modified building instructions to aid in assembly.  With these modified instructions, the assembly of your kit should go even more smoothly.

This review has not been conducted by Model Slipway, but by a fellow boat modeler with over 30 years of experience in various types  of model construction. 

 I wish to thank Model Slipway for allowing me to utilize the contained materials in the kit and items from their website.
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  The Wyeforce was built in 1994 by Hepworth Shipyards of Hull for Itchen Marine.  The Wyeforce's duties include ship towage and liner berthing in and around Southampton.  Her hard chine hull is heavily built, with a conventional twin-screw layout using fixed pitch four bladed propellers working within fixed Kort nozzles.  Originally the tug was to be built in the Netherlands as Itchen Marine had thought that the British ship yards were too expensive.  First planed also to use the Caterpillar 3508 engines.  However, between Hepworth Shipyards of Hull and the Caterpillar dealers Leverton in Windsor, an alternative solution was proposed using Caterpillar 3412 engines.  These engines gave an improved power to weight ratio and the tug was also finally built in England by Hepworth.  The finial solution uses the 3412 engine with box coolers and is coupled to Reintje WAF 360 reverse reduction gears with a reduction ratio of 6 to 1.  With a total of 1,000kw, a 19 ton bollard pull has been achieved with a free running speed of 11 knots.  Apart from the machinery and 13,000 liters of fuel, there is still room below deck for four crew members.


Length: 63ft
Beam: 20ft
Draft: 8ft 6in
Top Speed: 11 knots
Endurance: 700 NM @ 10 knots
Engine: x2 Caterpillar 3412 Diesels
Bollard Pull: 19 tons
Builder: Hepworth Shipyards, Hull
Owner: Itchen Marine Ltd, Southampton

Real Wyeforce

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