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 Last Update: 26 Feb 06
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This Area Is Still Under Construction, Please Excuse The Dust 



This review will cover the progress of construction, from opening the box, to it's maiden voyage.  The Wyeforce will be constructed to be motorized and controlled by radio control.

Although every aspect of the kit will be reviewed, only the following areas will be graded:

Kit Materials: The various woods, plastics and metal parts that are supplied in the kit(s) by Model Slipway.

Instructions: This includes all supplied documentation to aid in the assembly of this kit.

Quality of fit: Simply, how well do the parts fit together during assembly of this kit.

Hardware: Graded items include the kit.

From all of these areas, an Overall score will be determined. 

Each area can have a maximum score of 5.   The overall score will be a combination of all other graded areas plus my final impression of this kit.

Kit Contents_:
one-piece fiberglass hull, full running gear      including Kort nozzles and brass propellers. Styrene for decks and  superstructure with a detailed interior. 140+ cast metal fittings.  Etched brass window frames. Rubber bow fender and 28 tires. Comprehensive assembly instructions and drawings are also included.

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