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 Last Updated: 05 Jan 06
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As with just about any model kit, it is really left up to the modeler to decide as to the amount of detail he/she wants to achieve.  This kit gives you the ability to add a huge amount of extra added detail. 

When I first reviewed the plans that came with the Minster Darby, I was overwhelmed with the number of additions I wanted to add to this kit.  Some changes are small, but some are major.  No mater the  size of the change, the added detail  is

impressive.  Some of these changes have to be made during construction phase,   but most can be made after the "basic" ship is complete.

I recommend that "IF" you do decide to add some of these extra details, that you read through the construction steps that came with the kit and then review what I did in the construction of my model.  This will help you to decide on a strategy to incorporate your added details into your model. 

Planned additions:
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Propulsion inv_spacer.gif (807 bytes) - Two large ESC's
- Independently controllable screws
inv_spacer.gif (807 bytes)
Antennas inv_spacer.gif (807 bytes) - Working RADAR units
Other Items inv_spacer.gif (807 bytes) - Towing Ballard Modification
- Details Bulwark capping and supports

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