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 Last Updated: 26 Feb 06
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Model Slipway

Hobby Links:

ACE HOBBY - The Web Site - Source, for the "Nautical Commander" - Multi Channel R/C Marine Radio System.

Ace Resin & Hobbies - "Casting and Molding Supplies for the Serious Modeler!" The Ace Resin Complete Kit has everything you need to learn how to cast your own parts!

- Scale boat kits, parts and radios. Also a source, for the "Robbe F-14" - Multi Channel Marine R/C Radio System.

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Model Control Devices - The source for R/C modeling and robotics controls! We bring some 30 years of solid-state design experience to our products, combining state-of-the-art with real-world practicality — nobody's perfect, but “Oh No!” is not a phrase to be taken lightly with your labors of love, so we do our best to make sure our stuff works.

Model Flags - Buy Online the finest miniature cotton flags printed on both sides and computer cut vinyl lettering suitable for all models including remote control models.

Tower Hobbies
- The world's premier supplier of radio control models. Tower Hobbies has been serving R/C modelers since 1971 and is widely known for its professional, premium service at competitive prices.

Tower Hobbies R/C Web Directory

Alans Boatyard An excellent site with information and tips on how to setup and run your Wyeforce. German Website. Pictures of a Model Wyeforce towing a real boat. Website. Nice pictures of a Model Wyeforce. This is the Southampton, a ready made version by Graupner. A Japanese website with pictures of the real Wyeforce.
Japanese modelers website Pictures of some nice model tugs and boats icluding the Wyeforce.

Crew and District Model boat Club A picture of one of the club members Wyeforce.

Martin Staub web site German website with pictures of the Wyeforce.

TUG & TOW Website including pictures of real tugs and model boats including the Wyeforce.

Korean Websites Includes some pictures of Wyefroce during a build.

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