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  Last update: 09 Oct 07

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  The running hardware should be installed just before painting the color coats or right after you have sanded and primed it. This will keep everything out of the way until the last.  There are so many different combinations of motors, propellers and rudders made by different companies it's impossible to cover them all.  To keep everything on equal ground, I will keep with Dumas and talk you through using their running hardware kit.

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The Running Hardware kit #2341 is the twin screw, twin rudder running hardware kit for two 6 volt motors.  My kit was complete.  Here is the contents:

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  2 Drive shafts
  2 Stuffing boxes (with oilite bearings)
  2 Rudder assembly
  1 Rudder arm (metal, for 1/8" shaft)
  1 Double rudder arm
  2 Strut assemblies
  2 Brass Drive dogs
  2  Set collars
  2  Thrust washers
  1  Propeller, right hand, 2" diameter

  1  Propeller, left hand, 2" diameter
  Screws, nuts, bolts and washers for  assembly Instructions for assembly.
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  In the hardware kit I got, it included 2 ea. 3 Blade Rivabo Brass Propellers.  Dumas now sales these also.  The ones in kit     # 2341 are 2" diameter and threaded for a 3/16" shaft.  The picture of the entire kit shows the contents of from the first USS Crockett I built in 1998 with bronze propellers.  Below is the prop now included in the running hardware kit.

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  The kit includes instructions for the alignment and installation of the rudders, struts and stuffing boxes.  The same instructions are included in the USS Crockett kit.   There is no mention of filling the stuffing boxes with grease.  I used a full synthetic white marine grade grease.  

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