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  Last update: 21 Sep 07

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The purpose of this web site is to provide the boat modeler information on the Dumas kit of the USS Crockett.  After deciding to purchase this kit, I was unable to find any information on this kit short of the information provided by Dumas in their catalog.  
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I will provide the boat modeler an in-depth review of this kit.  Also, I will provide you step by step in-depth instructions to build this kit.  With these modified instructions, the assembly of this kit should go more smoothly.

This review has not been conducted by Dumas Products, Inc., but by a fellow boat modeler with over 32 years of experience in model building. 

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Project complete: Nov. 19, 2001.

Construction Time: Approx. 2.5 years

Recommend Kit To Others: Yes

Final Thoughts: Differently a "builders" boat.   Satisfactory wood and hardware package. Parts go together with a good fit. Poor directions but is still well worth the build.  Runs good in the water and is impressive on display with extra work into details.

A new Discussion Board has been set up!!!  Everyone is welcome to log in and try it out.  I still have a few bugs to work out yet.  You can log in by using the link below and share your ideas and thoughts with other modelers:

The USS Crockett (PG - 88) is one of the seventeen Gunboats in the Asheville Class.   These are the largest patrol type craft built by the Navy after World War II.  This class was the first group of the US Navy ships to be powered by a gas turbine power plant. These ships have a Combination Diesel and Gas turbine (CODAG) propulsion system with twin diesel engines for economical cruise and a gas turbine for high-speed operations.

This Dumas model of the USS Crockett was designed to a scale of 5/16" equals 1 foot or 1/39 actual size. The hull is a plywood frame planked with 1/8 "x 1/2" balsa while the superstructure is the more conventional (for Dumas) plywood box structure.  This kit is recommended for the experienced modeler.

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