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  Last update: 23 Sep 07
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This page will highlight the many areas of construction.  The areas fall under the five main areas, Hull, The Superstructure & Mounts, Deck Fittings, Electronics & R/C Gear, Painting and Super Detailing. These directions were taken form the printed directions included in the kit.  I have added my notes along with assembly pictures and diagrams.   As I get pictures ready, I will add them along with any comments.

The picture below shows the kit as inspected by me after opening.   There were no missing items in my kit. Take your time to locate each piece and to become familiar with the parts stamped in the plywood sheets. There is a part locator located on one of the blue printed plans to aide you in identifying parts.

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The Hull  
Building The Frame Steps 1 - 11
Planking Steps 12 - 18
The Decking Steps 19 - 21
Fiberglassing The Hull Steps 22 - 25
Installing The Running Hardware
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The Superstructure/Mounts
The Superstructure Steps 26 - 43

Forward Breakwater Steps 44 - 46
3"/50 CAL Gun Turret Steps 47 - 64
Turbine Exhaust Stack Steps 65 - 70
Diesel Exhaust Stacks Steps 71 - 75
Aft Breakwater Steps 76 - 82
Mast  Steps 83 - 85
Mist Eliminator Duct Step 74
Windows Step 98
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Detail Items

Boston Whealer
Gun Control Director
Gas Can Storage
Watertight Doors
Pilot House Doors

Fire Points and Hoses
Foam Nozzles
Fire axes

Deck Hatches
Pyro Locker
3"/50 Cal Ammo Lockers
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The Hull
The superstructure
Mounts and Fittings

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