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  Last update: 21 Sep 07
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This review will cover the progress of construction, from opening the box, to it's maiden voyage.  The USS Crockett will be constructed to be motorized and controlled by radio control.

Although every aspect of the kit will be reviewed, only the following areas will be graded:

Kit Materials: The various woods, plastics and metal parts that are supplied in the kit(s) by Dumas.

Instructions: This includes all supplied documentation to aid in the assembly of this kit.

Quality of fit: Simply, how well do the parts fit together during assembly of this kit.

Hardware: Graded items include the hardware items supplied in the kit, also hardware kits #2105 and #2341.

From these areas, an Overall score will be determined. 

Each area can have a maximum score of 5.   The overall score will be a combination of all other graded areas plus my final impression of this kit.

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This is a review of the USS CROCKETT, kit #1218 by Dumas Products, Inc.  This kit was designed and released by Dumas in 1980,81.  The kit is a 1/39th scale model of the USS Crockett, PG-88.  The Crockett is one of the seventeen Gunboats in the Asheville Class, the largest patrol-type craft built by the Navy after World War II.

The Dumas model of the Crockett is by no doubt, a builders boat. She measures 51" long with a 7" beam and features a hull that is strip planked with 1/8 "x " balsa over a die-cut mahogany frame, while the superstructure is a conventional plywood box structure. Deck Hardware Set #2105 contains more than 80 white cast fittings. Included in the deck hardware are all the armaments needed to send her into battle. The Running Hardware kit #2341 is the twin screw running hardware kit used to drive the Crockett. It has everything needed to complete your drive line except the motors. To power the Crockett, use two Dumas #2004 motors and a  6 volt battery. 

A 2 channel radio, speed control, two 6 volt motors, battery and  Running Hardware Set #2341 are required for R/C operation.

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