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  Last Update: 22 Feb 06
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  This review will cover the progress of construction, from opening the box, to it's maiden voyage.  The Midwest Boothbay Lobsterboat will be constructed to be motorized and controlled by radio control.

  Although every aspect of the kit will be reviewed, only the following areas will be graded:

Kit Materials: The various woods, plastics and metal parts that are supplied in the kit by Midwest.

Instructions: This includes all supplied documentation to aid in the assembly of this kit.

Quality of fit: Simply, how well do the parts fit together during assembly of this kit.

Hardware: Graded items include the hardware items supplied in the kit

  From all of these areas, an Overall score will be determined.  Each area can have a maximum score of 5 with a maximum total of 20 points achievable. 

  The overall score will be a combination of all graded areas plus most importantly, my final impression of this kit.

For more information on the line of Midwest line of model boats, visit their web site.

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  This is a review of the Midwest Boothbay Lobsterboat kit sold by Midwest Products Co., Inc.  The origins of the Maine Lobsterboat at this time are not yet agreed upon. Most authorities argue that these boats evolved from the Maine Hampton Boats of the early part  of the 20th Century. But exactly when and where the first true "Lobsterboat" was built is yet still known. Today, there are literally thousands of these vessels, all very similar, being used along the Maine Coast of the United States.

  The Midwest Boothbay Lobsterboat is a generic scale model of a typical 30 foot Maine Lobster Boat. The full-size boats are work boats used primarily to set out and recover lobster traps. If you are interested in building an exact scale model of a particular lobsterboat, a little research at the public library or the Internet will yield enough data to help you do this. However, if you are building your model just for fun, and to generally represent a lobsterboat, you can let your imagination have free reign. Lobsterboats can be thought of as floating pick-up trucks. Although they are all similar in shape, the exact size of cabins, number of windows and the color and placement of equip­ment varies greatly from boat to boat. And who knows, somewhere there may well be a prototype for your model!

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