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 Last Update: 22 Feb 06
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  As with just about any model kit, it is really left up to the modeler to decide as to the amount of detail he/she wants to achieve.  This kit gives you the ability to add a huge amount of extra added detail. 


  I recommend that "IF" you do decide to add some of these extra details, that you read through the construction steps that came with the kit and then review what I did in the construction of my model.  This will help you to decide on a strategy to incorporate your added details into your model. 

Planned additions:
inv_spacer.gif (807 bytes)
Propulsion inv_spacer.gif (807 bytes) -
Deck Equipment inv_spacer.gif (807 bytes) - Crane
Radio Gear   -
Painting:   - New Name
Other Items inv_spacer.gif (807 bytes) -

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