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  Last update: 10 July 06


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  I have started the Dumas Mister Darby and I will be doing a major review of this kit. 
The Dumas kit of the Jackson Marine Mister Darby is not just your average tug boat kit. The Dumas Mister Darby, kit #1217, features a huge hand laid up fiberglass hull capable of handling about any powering method you might care to experiment with. The superstructure is constructed out of heavy duty die-cut plywood. Plus, Dumas has included dozens of castings and other detail items to add those finishing touches. Running hardware kit #2340 is the twin screw hardware package that includes the gear reduction, drive line hardware, right and left hand cast bronze struts, and the huge counter rotating 3-5/8 in. investment cast 4 blade bronze propellers. Use the Dumas #2005 12V electric motors and a small car batter to power the Darby. The car battery helps supply the Darby with the 60 plus pounds of weight she needs to get her down to the waterline. When the Darby is completed in this configuration she is capable of pulling a rowboat with 2 men around a lake. Big boat, big payload, big power. Everything about the Mister Darby is big!

  The purpose of the NEW Mister Darby area of this web site will be to provide the boat modeler information on the Dumas model kit of the Mister Darby.  After deciding to purchase this kit, I was unable to find any information on this kit short of the information provided by Dumas in their catalog.  

  Here are some pictures of the construction of the Mister Darby.  The latest pictures show some of the construction on the superstructure and the installation of the running hardware.

  (The planking around the curves of the superstructure)

  (The two 12 volt Pittman motors I got from Dumas.  I will be replacing these with more powerful Pittman motors that I got from Harbor Models.)

  (One of the 4" props...  A test fit while aligning the strut.)



  Here is a view of the Bow Thruster I added. 

  Looking form the aft end of the tug, this is a view of the added ESC's.

  The location for the anchor way, cut and sanded.

  Sides of the anchor way made from 0.040 styrene.

  Finished and sanded anchor way.


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