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 Last update: 14 Mar 06

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  I have been very busy over the past few weeks working again on this project.  Seems my wife has this weird theory.  She told my, "you can't get anymore boats until you finish the ones you are building now".  I don't understand her logic, but I aim to keep her happy and maybe give this website some long overdue attention also.  Plus what would she think if she knew I had the Dumas "Prime Time" kit on it's way?  Well, we'll let that be our little secret!!!
  I have some work done on the "Mister Darby" area of this website.  I am a  bit unsure about opening it up for public viewing as of yet.  Each time it seems that I sit down to work on this kit, I want to change, add or delete something.  This leaves me to change not only the model I got from Dumas, but also to change the website where I have already typed up.  So the Saga continues! 
  So since I now HAVE TO FINISH THIS KIT I am also going to post some more pictures of the assembly.  I'm not going to post much information about them just yet.  I want to tease you, make you want to check back to see the finished tug.  So here goes...


  The speed controllers that I am using on this project are the Electronize Speed Control.  This is a microprocessor based unit that will take up to 24 volts with a 30 amp continuous load rating!  Smooth forward and reverse with an adjustable speed range to match throttle stick travel.  I got mine from Harbor Models.


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