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Model Marina Discussion Board _ New Members/Posters read this first... _ New Members read this first...

Posted by: rktman56 Dec 1 2006, 10:12 AM

Due to the increase in SPAM and the increased use of bots, the registration process will be changed. As of 4 Dec 06 everyone who registers to join the Discussion Board will have an initial member level of Validating. A membership level of Validating will NOT allow you to post. During this process the Discussion Board will attempt to validate the authenticity of your membership thru the email address that you provided during sign up. Once validated, your membership level will be sent to a System Moderator for Admin Validation. During this process a System Moderator will verify the authenticity of your membership request. After this verification has been completed your membership level will be increased to Member and you will have full access to the board and also be allowed to post.

Those individuals who do complete the registration process and do post SPAM will have their membership immediately deleted. Before deletion the membership name and IP address used will be noted. This defiantly includes the posting of messages referring to adult sites or that are adult in nature or any advertisement of items not of a hobby nature will also have have their membership immediately deleted. I have a ZERO percent tolerance for the posting of SPAM on this board and I have taken this stand to ensure that the members of this board will not have to deal with such garbage.

If you wish to join this Discussion Board and you use one of the following domains as an email address, your account will be rejected and your IP Address added to the Banned IP List:

Thank you for your cooperation!

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