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This lobster boat was built from a Midwest kit and was handcrafted with care and pride. Just a few of the features are: 2 brand new 1500 mah. nicad drive batteries from Duratrax connected in parallel with a Y cable for twice the running time. (they are constructed with high quality Sanyo cells) A brand new 2 channel Futaba attack 2ER radio control system that was bought just for this boat. The main drive motor is controlled by a brand new qualty Futaba electronic speed control model # MC230. I have installed an engine sound and horn unit and speaker which are controlled by a handheld infrared gadget. The boat has LED (light emitting diodes) red and green navigation lights as well as an interior cabin light. The light system is run by a small nickel metal hydride battery pack with a small toggle switch and charge plug inside the front engine room. The sound unit is powered from yet another 4 AA cell battery pack.     

The main drive motor is a MEPS III Motor System from Midwest and is a direct drive setup thru a quality universal coupling. The boat runs at a nice scale speed and looks great out on the water, I love the look of

the running lights towards evening and the sound effects are really cool, you can turn the engine sound on and off remotely with the handheld remote as well as honk the horn.

There is so much detail on this fine boat I could not even begin to describe it all, lots of little things that really make it custom. Like extremely nice paint job; lobster trap complete with lobster; float with rope; bucket of bait; lots of small fittings and rope cleats. There are three hatches for easy access for routine maintenance. There is a metal smokestack that I accidentally left out of a couple of pictures but it is included with the boat. All of the woodwork has been stained and varnished before being attached to the model. There are numerous miniature details such as steering wheel; throttle control; engine guages; door handles; air horns; outrigger with pulley for hauling up lobster cages. All of the electrical wiring is neatly routed and properly installed. The overall length of this model is 30" with a beam of 10". It has a lot of freeboard so you can run it in rougher water at your lake (within reason, of course) I've only run the boat a few times at the local park. .

Sold on ebay for $495.00

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