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David Alchin of Modesto, CA sent me an email with some really nice pictures of his 1/4 scale 1942 Century Sea maid and trailer.  Here is what he sent in:

Hi Roger I thought you might like to view a picture of my 1/4 scale 1942 Century Sea maid and trailer. I just won first place scale at AMA Pasadena. Model 52"x17"1/2" weight 28lbs power Cobra 30cc all fittings hand made and Chrome plated by me banjo steering wheel took 9 attempts to finish deck finished in Walnut and Mahogany includes 500 hand drawn dowels Hull and Deck finished in 4 coats Eurothane 1500

wet and dry sanded to a high smooth gloss finish. The trailer was copied from a friends I used 1"x 1/2" x 1/8" Ali angle assembled and white powder coated the suspension has 7 leaf springs with shackles and links all chrome plated the hand rail and winch also has running LED lights scale No plate 5" air tyres with white walls and Moony hub caps.Trailer will carry 90lbs. Although the upholstery is finished in pig skin if you know of a source for fine leather such as used on jewelry boxes I would
appreciate any impute regards David Alchin Modesto CA.

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