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  George Argiris sent me pictures of the "before & after" of his recently finished  Chris Craft Corvette.
  George states that "
I bought the boat off ebay. It had been built in the 60's and actually sat in the salon of a real Corvette called Gadget. The paint was crazed and cracking, the varnish was weathered. Some of the hardware had broke off. The running gear was old and dated. I was able to locate new and unused hardware from the 60's on ebay. They sell resin kits for these boats, but I had to keep it original. I'd say 1-10 the models shape was a 4." 

(Click on thumbnail to view larger picture)

  "The before boat was in need of repainting, re staining, re varnishing, re fitting of hardware and running gear. The boat now has 14 lights (including hollowed out running fixtures with hand made lenses).  Any light fixture that would be hard to get at, has a aluminum tube going to it, so I can easily change a blown light. There's a sound module, distribution panel, 12v battery, cooling fans, twin Johnson 390s, speed control, in deck L.E.D. battery power read out ( I put that in so I could drive the boat by me and check how much juice is left in the battery). I also made custom curtains and blinds, hand made foam padded captains chair, real rubber deck steps, custom swim deck and ladder, etc., etc, etc." The boat also has custom curtains with scratch made blinds, wood details, canvas soft top with the aluminum tubing, and (not shown) a scratch built hard top. The boats 1/11 scale, so I can use

 dollhouse miniatures (1/12) for a lot of detail stuff. Bell, fishing pole, scuba gear, etc."

  "Here's the rebuilt stern with scratch swim deck and ladder with real rubber step pads ( these are through out the boat). Directors chair, and real cloth flag."

  "Here's the finished bridge, with redesigned instrument panel (back lit) and scratch built captains chair ( I covered the seat with vinyl after laying down a layer of foam padding). All new windows with scratch built wiper blades were added. Dash has real miniature sea charts and a bottle of Cutty Shark. Also a built lighted range finder. Not to mention the padded captains foot locker for extra gear. Bottom left shows a hint of the surf board I made out of scrap balsa, and to complete the cockpit, a ships bell."

  "Below deck is where it gets trick. Ram sound module with 4" speaker is stuffed up in the bow, Harbor Models distribution panel handles all the different voltages ( 3, 4, 6, 12v) and keep them all in check, and cool with the built in fan). Electronic speed control to the left, and 12v battery sits in the middle. If you look close just right of the distribution panel on the deck, is a 12v L.E.D. meter that reads battery consumption. I drilled little holes in the deck and pushed the three lights up to deck level. Now I can run the boat by me and see how much juice I have left. To the left of the two Johnson HC970s you see two aluminum plates. When these plates come in contact with two on the cabin top, all the lights come on. I did this to keep from having to have a bunch of dangling wires when I pulled the top off. There's also another cooling fan to the right."
  If you have any questions or tips you may need,  you can email George at:



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