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The Ticonderoga

Length - 72" 
Beam    -    7 3/8"  

  These models are hand built and can be ordered per customers request on ship name/type. Other Models can be ordered as well.  Perry Class, Arleigh Burke, Kidd Class.  Sometimes these kits are in stock but don't last long.  Average wait time for a ship if it's not in stock ranges from 3 months to 6 months max.  Later on this year a full stock of each ship will be available for sale so shipping can be done immediately. Coming soon Cliff will also be able to offer a at a nice scale speed and looks great out on the water, I love the look of

"TEST DRIVE SERVICE" where he will be able to have on display one of each and one to sell.  People will be able to visit Cliff's shop and test drive the boats in the pond on site.  If they like the ship, they will be able to take it home or he will have it crated and shipped to them via special carrier. This is what you get. A fully detailed model ship with running hardware and motors installed with 1 Servo installed in conjunction with rudders.   What you will need: speed controllers and a radio system. A turn-key ship can be arranged for an additional cost and upgrades can be installed on the ship such as lights, rotating radars, rotating turrents, water pumps etc. 



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