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  Cliff Turnbull sent me a few pictures of his models.  There is one picture of a Nimitz hull which is about 12 feet long and there is also a Ticonderoga hull which is also about 12 feet.  These hulls are 1/48th scale.   

  Cliff has many more boats, plus he is into cars, gas speed boats,  a PCM models L-1011, Gulf Stream jet, A-10, RC helis, Black Hawk, Airwolf, Jetranger.  Also this summer he will be working on hisg EDF 737 and 777 planes.

  Cliff's big thing now are the warships.  He is the U.S. Distributor for PSSHIPS in the UK. He has a Perry Class coming in, USS COLE, and the new Burke Flight 2's with the hangar.  The Nimitz will be completed by myself along with

a few Burkes as well. My new location will have a show room with one of each modern U.S. ship completed of my own for display and also a second ship for sale.  One to show and one to go. Cliff is also working on producing semi kits for these ships as well. The 1/48th scale Tico is one of only 4 made in the world.  Cliff will begin working on that ship as soon as he is able to finish up some boats for some customers. 

   If you are interested in buying a model ship, depending on price and options these kits range from $5000 to $8500. They are based on a Sirmar Hull and fittings, the rest scratch built.



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