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  Last update: 1 Nov 07

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For what ever reason you have now found yourself wanting a model of the Asheville Class Gunboats. And now what do you do?  You can buy a "sport scale" model kit from Dumas, or order a fiber pre-made glass hull.  The fiber glass hull leaves the builder to complete the rest of the model themselves.  This is the tougher option but leads to a much more "scale" model.

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The Floating Drydock offers a set of plans.  The "G" series plans are copies of US Navy "Booklet of General Plans". These plans show both interior and exterior views. A few of the original plans have been re-drawn by them due to poor reproduction quality of the original and some interiors are omitted. These plans can be used to build a model or used for research projects.  Plans listed are for ships PG-84, PG-85, PG-88, PG-92.  Price range from $18.00 to $22.00.  They also offer online ordering and have fast shipping.  They also offer ordnance drawings!


Fiberglass Hulls:
Mosquito Boat Hobbies offers some fiberglass hulls for the PG-84 Asheville Class.  Scales include 1/24th, 1/35th and 1/48th. Hulls come with a set of builders plans.  These are not complete kits.  Most only include the fiberglass hull.  Mosquito Boat Hobbies offers a few fittings for these hulls.

Lee Upshaw at The Scale Shipyard offers the
PG-84 Asheville Class fiberglass hulls in 1/35th and 1/48th scales.  Each hull comes with a set of plans.  These  are only the fiberglass hulls and are not complete kits.  Lee also offers a few fittings for these hulls.

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HR Products offers a wide selection of fittings in a wide range of scales.  They offer a 40mm Bofors Single (S32-18) that I used on my Dumas USS Crockett.

The Scale Shipyard

Mosquito Boat Hobbies

Don at Loyalhanna Dockyard can help you find not only fittings, but plans, running gear, and other items for your model.  They have allot of items!

Miscellaneous Items:

Windjammer-Arts offers both naval and aviation art.  They offer model ship plans of PG Class. 
The plans are all general arrangement layouts, consisting of all pertinent data of  the actual ship.  PG Class plan plan sheet measures 12"x26".

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