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  Last update: 10 Sep 07

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  Each modeler has their own "favorite" tools that they use.  For this model, here is a listing of a few of the tools that I use.  Although I list the brand names of the tools I use, I am not brand "specific" unless noted.  This is a listing of my tools for this model:

  You will need a good hobby knife.  I use an X-ACTO knife with #2 blades.  You will also need a good supply of new sharp blades on hand.  I will also use carving blades on this model.

  A good razor saw is helpful for cutting wood.  I use the Zona brand part #

Drill with a selection of bits
A motor tool like Dremel
Srew drivers and hex wrenches
Selection of sandpapers (I use 80, 120, 220, 320 and 400)
Hand sanders (I use a selection of Great Planes Easy-Touch hand sanders)
Tack cloth
Soldering iron, solder and flux
Epoxy brushes
Ruler or tape measure


Yard stick (I use a metal one)
Tee pins
Epoxy mixing cups and stirring sticks

A verity of small clamps
Tee square
Selection of files
Needle nose pliers
Miter box
Contour gauge
Jig saw
Power sander
Pin vise with bits
Cutting mat
2" wide soft bristle paint brushes
Wax paper or clear plastic
Masking tape
Diagonal cutters

  The kit instructions call for you to locate a flat board at least, 8" wide by 52" long.  I used a MASTERCRAFT
edge glued pine boards that was 3/4" thick by 18"x72".  Whatever board you use, make sure it is flat by checking with a straight edge.  Check for twists, warps and or bends.

  I got mine from my local lumber store for a few bucks. 

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