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  Last update: 21 Sep 07
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This Crockett was built by Mike Plot of the New York city area.  Mike has chose to use 2 ea. MACK-#1200 electronic propulsion units with MACK #5045 motors to power his Crockett.   He has also installed the Ram whopper and diesel engine sound system with two 2" speakers and the RAM bilge pump with warning light.  Mike  gets about 20 min. on two 5 cell 6 volt 1900 ma battery packs in series for each drive.

Mike tells me that the Crockett is running well and he finally seems to be able to control the top heaviness which is the result of coming out of a tight turns as the Crockett over compensates due to the shallow draft and upper weight.

As a result of the model leaning from side to side at full throttle, Mike had to add a couple of pounds of shot ballast between formers 7, 8, 9 and 11. This brings her total weight to 16 lbs. but she moves very fast without any problems. The model looks as if it will flip on it's side but it doesn't.  Mike has her trimmed out where he can maneuver her at full throttles without her leaning to the point that he is afraid she is going over.

The figures Mike has used are from two different companies and they are 1/35th 'Nam' series US helicopter crew (company Shanghai Dragon #3311) and the other is Army figures #3312 same company).

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