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  Last update: 21 Sep 07
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This Crockett was built by John Larese of North Adams, Mass. The finished weight is 15lbs and is equipped with an Airtronics Vanguard 6 Channel FM radio. The boat has all operating   deck ,tower and search lights, The forward guns turn with the radio system. Proportional speed and steering. Main power is through a 6 volt gel cell. This has 2 Dumas motors and Ram cooling fans, also twin screw

Dumas drive system w/bronze props & nuts. ESC is a top of the line MCD unit.  Motors are equipped w/Ram diesel sound and horn. Also equipped w/Ram automatic bilge pump. The figures came from his local hobby store.  They were tamiya 1/35th military that John had modified for this boat. Very acceptable application.

This model sold on ebay for $1,094.99 on July 31, 2000.

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