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Doors for MK 32 Torpedo Tubes

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  On this model I wanted to have the MK 32 Torpedo bay doors visible.  I first used the pictures I got from Sea Photo.  I also used the arrangement plans I received from The Scale Shipyard and marked the location of the doors on the hull.  I then transferred these measurements to 0.020 styrene.  After making the doors in styrene and marking the fiberglass, I made cuts in the fiberglass to allow me to install the doors I had made from styrene. 

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  Because the total thickness of styrene ended up being only 0.040", I added reinforcement to the inside of the hull behind the styrene. 


  After I had attached the styrene doors into place, I added filler, sanded and re-added filler.  I then added primer and sanded again.

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