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  Deciding the "time period"  is as important as the "what" to model.  The "time period" in the ships life that you decide to model determines many factors.   Over the years, Navies frequently change or update their ships.  Picking a time period in the ships life will determine what weapons, sensors and other items you will need to add to your model.  For example, lets say that you were to model the USS MISSOURI (BB-63).  This ship has had a long and distinguished service life.  You can model it in a WWII configuration or a 1980's configuration.  Although this is a drastic difference, some modelers often fall into a trap of not paying attention to the details.  Using several pictures of a ship in several different points in it it's service life can cause you problems.  Pay attention to the details.  Don't mismatch. For the USS Antietam, I will model it as she appeared in the 1990's before the end of the Cold War.

  It is important to note that as the building of the CG-52 Baseline and later of ships progressed, additional equipment was added, and the detailed placement of some equipment changed from ship to ship. I would therefore recommend that further research will be necessary in the form of photographs to aide you in the detailing of the ship you  wish to model.

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Wish List
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  After reviewing pictures and plans, you may find yourself dreaming of all the items you will want to add to your model.  Some of these items you may want to "work" on your model.  Making items animate, move, work or whatever you call it, can be fun.  It also is a double edged sword.  It cuts both ways.  Making items move is good, but it can also be bad. 

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  Now can making something move on your model be a bad thing?  Often it's not what moves that's a bad thing, but how the modeler makes it move.  An example is the AN/SPS-49 Air Search Radar on the Ticonderoga Class cruisers.  I've seen


many modelers who have made this radar move with the use of a wire.  This wire is fed up through the deck to the radar platform on the rear of the main mast.  This wire is left visible and doesn't look like it's part of the main mast.  This takes away from the scale fidelity of the model.  Are you willing to sacrifice the scale accuracy of your model to animate something?  I'm not.   Making the AN/SPS-49 Air Search Radar rotate is a good idea, but do it with a hidden radar drive system.  This can be done by using a tiny drive motor mounted to the AN/SPS-49 Air Search Radar. 

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  Making the MK 45 5"/54 Caliber Lightweight Gun Mounts rotate would be a good option.  Even making the gun barrels elevate would also be a good option.  Some modelers take this option one step too far.  They make the gun barrel shot water.  I see this as a cheap gimmick that losses interest quickly but does have a good purpose of only entertaining the kids.  I recommend that you keep the scale fidelity of the model intact!

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  Rockets...  for some reason modelers want to launch model rockets or fireworks from model ships.  The model I am building here gives me a great opportunity to add working, launching missiles from the VLS.  Even with the years of experience that I have in model rockets, I will not combine  model ships and model rockets.  It's too dangerous.  Unless you have a working knowledge of rocket design (center of gravity, center of pressure, weights and thrust), I would highly recommend that you forget the idea.   Do you want to be held responsible for any damage that you may do with your rockets that have been launched from your model ship?  What are you going to do if one of your rockets hurts someone?  Not worth it!

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  Some 1/100 scale model kits offer parts that can be used on this model.   Take a look at Warship Models Underway!  Look at the gallery for some ideas of what other modelers have done with their models.  inv_spacer.gif (807 bytes)

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