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Deck Supports & Cross Beams

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  Now I will need to establish the beam of the hull.  To do this I first  install the deck support strips on the inside of the hull.  You can use wood or plexiglass about 3/16" or so.  The beam of the deck parts that come from Homeport Model Ships are cut to the correct beam dimension for your model. 

  First, remove the deck parts from the main board.  Turn these parts over and remove approximately 1/8" from the outside edge.  DO NOT CUT COMPLETELY THROUGH THE GATORBOARD.  You will cut the first layer of (inside side) plastic away and the layer of foam (about 1/4") and sand down the to the plastic to give a clean.  This will allow for the thickness of the fiberglass hull you are using. 

  Now you will need to measure down from the deck edge by the thickness of your final deck (foam core and one thickness of plastic), so that when you lay the deck on the support the top otter side of plastic  is flush with the top of the hull. NOTE: This also assumes that your tops edge of your hull is flush.  You can check this by using your plans.  Also note that that the top of your deck parts are cut to the correct beam.  

  Set the deck edge strip in place.  I used epoxy to attach these.  I also used spruce, if you use wood, make sure you paint or cover them to help prevent to absorption of water.  Also, rough up the fiberglass surface before gluing to ensure a better glue joint.


(Here I am attaching the deck support beams)
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