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Frequently Asked Questions

  This is a new area where I have gathered together some questions about this model.  This area should help answer some of your questions and help anyone else that may be wondering an answer to the same question.


If you have a question that is not listed here, you can email me at:

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GENERAL:   - What is the concern with WARPAGE when using Gator Foam Board?
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Gator Foam Board panels are manufactured flat and graded for flatness prior to packaging. However, like other panel products they may bow under certain conditions. Potential for bowing is much greater in the thinner panels and in full 4' x 8'.  The risk of warpage can be greatly reduced in our models by the use of internal supports.  Some risk factors that increase the risk of warpage include the use of unsupported panels or exposing one side to a higher heat source.  I would suggest that that you take similar precautions for controlling bowing  with Gator Foam Board panels as you would take with any other plastic products such as styrene. 

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