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Frequently Asked Questions

  This is a new area where I have gathered together some questions about this model.  This area should help answer some of your questions and help anyone else that may be wondering an answer to the same question.


If you have a question that is not listed here, you can email me at:

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GENERAL:   - Why are you using Gator Foam Board?
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The superstructure and decks for the USS Antietam are being built using laser cut parts from Homeport Model Ships.  HomePort Model Ships supplies fully detailed lasers and etch that you can use for your next models. Their laser cuts are professionally laser cut on Gator Foam Board with care and most of the details that are on the real ships are reproduced on the cut parts. Also clearly marked on each part are the fittings positions clearly marked on each part and also the vents are scribed into the walls, and windows cut out!  Using their laser cut superstructure parts significantly speeds up the assembly without compromising the quality or the scale accuracy.  The guys of Homeport Model Ships are modelers just like you, so they know what you want and expect for your next project.  Check out their website by following the link below:

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