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Kit Review

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 Last update: 05 Jul  06
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  This page will highlight the many areas of construction for this model.  All of the construction details fall under the following five main areas, Hull & Running Gear, The Superstructure, Fittings, Electronics & R/C Gear and Painting. Super Detailing is covered in another area called "EXTRAS". I have also included my own notes along with the many assembly pictures and diagrams that follow.   As I get more pictures ready, I will add them along with any comments to the following pages.


  This is a very large model with a limitless number of detail items that can be added to this model.  Since this is a
1/96th scale kit, it's easy to find extra detail parts to add to your model.  It comes down to this, you are only limited by your imagination.  Time should be set aside to think about any extra detail items that you may wish to add to this model before you start the construction process.  This time set aside to plan ahead can save you any added aggravation later in the assembly process.  I suggest that you write down a list of the added items you wish to add to your model and then you can make the appropriate plans for their addition during the assembly process.

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Planning To Build:
It all starts here...
The Hull & Running Gear:
Model Stand
Hull Preparation
Deck Supports
Fitting the Running Gear
Planning the Radio Gear

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The Superstructure:
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Electronics & R/C Gear:
- Installing the motors
- Installing the ESC's
- Using the Harbor Models Power Distribution Panel


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