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  Last update: 05 Jul  06

Model Ship of the USS Monterey built to 1/96 scale and configured for radio control

  Since I am not using a kit to build this model, hence everything I add will be considered an extra.  

  Below is a quick list of some of the items I will include in the construction of this model.  Basically this area will highlight the DETAILS I will add to my model.

Planned additions:

Following items will be included on model:

26' Motor Whaleboat

26" Personnel Boat

SH-60 B Helicopter

AN/SPS-49 Air Search Radar

AN/SPQ-9 Tracking Radar

AN/SPY-1 MK 7 Mod 4 Aegis System Radar Arrays 4 ea.

MK 45 5"/54 caliber gun mounts 2 ea.

MK 15 CWIS 2 ea.

S.L.Q. - 32 E.C.M Antenna

IFF "Ring Antenna"

Harpoon Quad Missile Launchers

AN/SPY-1A Radar 4 ea.

AN/SPS-55 Surface Radar

AN/SPG-62 Illuminators

VLS Guided missile launchers

AN/SPG-60 STIR Radar

Port & Starboard aft stacks

Port & Starboard forward stacks

Capstans x3

Chain guards x4

All Bitts

Raised deck hatches

Water tight doors

OE-82 Antenna

Life rings

Flag lockers

Double doors

Life rafts

Closed chocks

TACTAS stern appature

Shaft supports
Rudder control horns
New superstructure built using plans from the Floating Drydock.
New superstructure made of .040 styrene.
Masts made with styrene tubing.
Pilot house windows
Wash down pipes added
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