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  When cutting parts with your knife, make your first cut at light pressure, being careful that the point of the knife goes exactly where you want it. Subsequent cuts should be made at moderate pressure until the part is cut out. Use a steel straight edge to guide the blade when cutting straight lines.

  If during construction you notice the blade start to tear the wood as you cut, the blade is dull. Replace it with a new blade! A sharp blade will make cutting easier and will enable you to work more accurately. Typically, you can expect to use 3 or 4 blades to build this model.

Using Adhesives:

  Although water-based white glues can be used to assemble this kit, the Boothbay Lobsterboat has been designed  by Midwest to be built using cyanoacrylate adhesives, CA and Slow CA. These adhesives cure very rapidly. This will save you a lot of time and work by eliminating the need to pin or tape many parts together during construction.

  Slow drying epoxy or polyester resin will be used to bond fiberglass


cloth to the exterior of the hull. It will also be used to waterproof the interior of the hull. In this application, these adhesives will be used as a sealer. The instructions in your kit will tell you how and where to use epoxy or resin. For now, it is only important that you understand that epoxy resin and polyester resin are not compatible! Both of these resins are two-part solutions that cure by chemical action. If you attempt to apply one type of resin over the other, chances are that neither will cure!

Epoxy resin has the advantage of little or no odor, whereas polyester resin gives off a pungent odor that requires good ventilation while it cures. Most epoxy resins are slightly flexible after they cure and do not possess the strength of polyester resin. Both resins are only compatible with specific types of paints. If you have not had prior experience using epoxy or polyester resin it would be wise to discuss them, along with different finishing products, with your hobby dealer.  I would suggest the use of epoxy resin over polyester resin.  Polyester resin is far more hazardous to your health.  Often Dumas recommends the the use of polyester resin to bond wood decks to their fiberglass hulls and you may have prior experience with this type of epoxy.

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