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  Last update:
 05 Jul  06

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  The purpose of this web site is to provide the boat modeler information on building the Model Slipway Aziz. 

  For this project, I'm going to do things a bit differently, let me explain.  In the past I have spent my time building the models then later went back and devoted time to the website.  Modelers fail to realize the amount of effort it takes not only to build the models, but also the effort that goes into the website design, creation and maintenance.  When things are done, I've spent more time on the website than on the model.  The problem with this system is that it leaves other model builders waiting long periods of time for updates or other information about the model.  For this project, I plan to work the website and model at the exact same time.  I will leave the Review until I have completed the assembly of the kit.  Please keep in mind that this area is under constant construction, please watch your step!

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  I will provide the boat modeler an in-depth review of this kit.  During the construction of this kit, I will outline some modified building instructions to aid in assembly.  With these modified instructions, the assembly of your kit should go even more smoothly.

This review has not been conducted by The Model Slipway, but by a fellow boat modeler with over 35 years of experience in various types  of model construction. 

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Pictures of finished model courtesy of Model Slipway - Used with permission.

The Full-size Vessels:

 Built for worldwide operations to service and tow drilling units, and support production platforms Aziz and her sister ship Arif were commissioned in 1983 for Prince Offshore Ltd of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. The vessels were powered by two diesel engines, total maximum BHP of 4200 at 600 rpm, with fixed pitch propellers running in Kort nozzles. Maximum ballard pull is 52 tons.

  The main feature of their deck machinery is a diesel driven double-drum waterfall type anchor handling/towing winch.  One of the drums holds 730 meters of 50mm diameter towing wire that can be reeled in and out remotely from the wheelhouse. Additional towing wire is available as a spare on a separate reel.

Two 3.1 ton capacity Tugger winches are fitted behind the superstructure, one on each side of the cargo deck and a 6 ton electro-hydraulic deck crane is located on the boat deck for cargo handling.

The wheelhouse is designed to incorporate maximum visibility all around with dual controls for the main engines, steering gear and bow-thruster units. A second control station at the aft end of the wheelhouse incorporates remote control of towing/anchor handling winch. Each vessel is fully air-conditioned for hot and cold climates and berths are provided for 11 crew and 12 passengers.

Kit Contents:

  A high-quality detailed fiberglass hull. Running gear is included that consists of prop shafts, rudders, propellers, fixed Kort nozzles, a bow-thruster tube (a working bow-thruster is not provided). The kit also comes with CNC-milled and printed plastic styrene for decks, superstructure and the wheelhouse. For the rear decks, printed wood deck overlay is provided. The kit also comes with a thermo-formed styrene dinghy, life raft canisters and stern roller. Metal kits for the large waterfall winch, the tugger winches, anchor windlass and deck crane are included.  It's worth stating that these are kit's in themselves. There are over 600 cast alloy metal fittings and also etched brass components for the fine detail finish including brass handrail stanchions. All necessary rubber tires, fendering, wire, rod, dowel, chain; waterslide transfers for the vessel names Aziz and Arif, depth markings, life raft canisters etc. are included. Inside the box you will find three full size main plans sheets and a nice building instruction booklet with numerous step-by-step assembly drawings of the highest standard by Dave Milbourn.

  Although the 6 AHTS vessels supplied to Prince Offshore Ltd were identical in color schemes, decals for only the Aziz and Arif are supplied in the kit.

Model Specifications:
Twin screw
Scale 1:50
Length o/a: 43"
 Beam o/a: 9" 
Displacement: approx. 30lbs

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