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 Last update: 05 Jul  06
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  On the 27th of June, I took my Aziz to the lake for the first time.  Before I left, I installed two 12 volt batteries and added some lead shot to ballast the model.  The model ended up setting about 1/2" below the water line.  Although this is best when there is a small chop on the lake, I do not intend to do most of the running of the model in this configuration.  On this day there was very little wind and the water was calm.

  The model handled quite well and the rudders were quite responsive.  I was able to turn the model with only using the screws, turning the model and running it around the lake. 

  I ran the model around for about 30 minutes.  At the end of the run I had no water inside the hull.  I did have a few drops on the aft deck that had splashed onto it from the waves.  The wood decking started to bow.  This bowing of the wood was caused from the heat of the sun.  A few hours after the run, the wood decking returned to it's normal shape.  I intend to place reinforcement under the deck to prevent this from happening again.

  You can notice from the pictures that I have allot of the fittings to add.  I hope to be done soon and also have the website done too!

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